May 30, 2003

Friday 5

Time for some Friday 5. Enjoy.

1. What do you most want to be remembered for? Being a good father.

2. What quotation best fits your outlook on life? Life is all about the little cookies. Cherish them as you get them. Some are so small that they're easily overlooked. But, they're there.

3. What single achievement are you most proud of in the past year? Quitting smoking.

4. What about the past ten years? Becoming a father.

5. If you were asked to give a child a single piece of advice to guide them through life, what would you say? Learn to communicate. Communication skills will take you where ever you want to go.

Posted by Joe at May 30, 2003 6:37 AM

Mine answers are here. Isn't it grand how similar they are?

Posted by: Erin at May 30, 2003 8:45 AM
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