June 6, 2003

Friday 5

Friday 5 time. This weeks questions are all touchy feely and personal beyond what I would like to lay out here on my blog. I'll do my best to play along this week.

1. How many times have you truly been in love? Hard to say when the question contains 'truly'. Looking back on past relationships it's hard to say if it was truly love. Answer to the question, once. The woman I'm in love with now.

2. What was/is so great about the person you love(d) the most? Communication. Respect. Laughter.

3. What qualities should a significant other have? Communication skills. Unselfishness. Sense of humor.

4. Have you ever broken someone's heart? Probably.

5. If there was one thing you could teach people about love, what would it be? Try your best.

Posted by Joe at June 6, 2003 8:24 AM

Aww, this made me cry. I'm a lucky woman.

My answers are up on my blog.

Posted by: Erin at June 6, 2003 8:47 AM
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