June 16, 2003


I've done a lot of complaining about getting film processed. Consistency would be nice. You can learn to deal with the good or the bad as long as it's consistent. Well, if it's bad processing I'll deal with it by taking my film somewhere else. As was the case with Targets shoddy film processing. But, I've been getting decent results from the local neighborhood Walgreens. I haven't been taking them anything too challenging. I guess I've lowered my expectations. I've switched to using Kodak consumer film so that when it gets run through their Kodak mini-lab the person standing there isn't required to make any decisions. I get my prints back on Kodak paper a few hours after I drop them off for the One-Hour processing.
Walgreens has been pushing this deal on me each time I pick up my pictures. They tell me how they will develop my film for free, and take a dollar off, if I buy this 4 pack of Walgreens film. The first time they asked me I asked if they had any 100 speed film. They didn't so I declined. The second time they asked me I was in a hurry and quickly said, "No thank you." Yesterday I dropped off a couple rolls and decided I'd give it a try. I had to pay for each roll separately so I could use the coupons that limit you to one per order. I ended up with 8 rolls of 200 speed Walgreens film. It turns out that the Walgreens film is actually Agfa film. I'm looking forward to shooting it to see how it comes out. I've read the debates over why someone would or shouldn't use 200 speed film but it was either that or 400 speed. With the harsh sun that you get in the summer time I don't really have the need to be shooting 400 speed. I'll get some pictures posted as I get them back.
*update*I shot a roll of this Walgreens film over lunch at a park down the street. Should be some really nice pictures on there if they come out anything like what I saw in the view finder.

Posted by Joe at June 16, 2003 9:48 AM
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