July 17, 2003

Take me to the Fair...

It's fair time again here in Indiana. This weekend is the opening of the county fair. Sure it'll be smaller than the big State fair but it'll be closer to home and hopefully we can go one night after work when it's a little cooler and less crowded than on the weekend. We look forward to going to the State Fair each year. In fact we try to get to the fair at least a couple of times. I looking forward to seeing some of the photography exhibit this year. Erin likes the sheep sheering contest that they always have on the last day of the fair. The fair is a fun time and it really seems like the last big event of the summer before it's back to school time. There will be lots of fun in the sun, rides, walking, and carnival food.

The Fair is a good place to take your camera and shoot some pictures. Try your hand at some street photography, candids, you name it because there are plenty of photo opportunities all around you. Try something different than you normally would. Try some new film or try some old film. Try different speed film. I remember last year I went to a local camera shop to load up on some film. I wanted to buy some Kodak Portra film. I had read all about it and I wanted to try shooting some myself to see if I like its qualities. The sales person asked me what I was going to be taking pictures of because that film is for shooting weddings. When she was told it wasn't for a wedding I thought she was going to refuse to sell me the film. Well, I bought some and I shot a roll at the fair. The point is to enjoy yourself and maybe you'll be surprised at what you get back from the mini-lab.

Posted by Joe at July 17, 2003 1:12 PM

A night at the fair means corn dogs for dinner! Can we go, huh huh, can we go?

Posted by: Erin at July 17, 2003 2:13 PM
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