September 30, 2003

My blog is being hosted on as I write this entry. Why My previous host shut down and I needed to find a new hosting site. Since I had used in the past for domain name registration, I figured I'd give them a try for my hosting needs. The price seemed right and I already had an account with them. They said they offered the services that I needed to run Movable Type. It seemed like a simple decision.

The process of moving a web site isn't all that complicated. You make sure you back up all your data. Change your name server records at with your domain registrar. Wait for the DNS to propagate. Install your data on your new host. That's all there is to it.

I backed up all my data without any problems. I modified my name server records without any problems. I waited impatiently for the DNS changes to propagate. I uploaded Movable Type to my new host. I edited my mt.cfg file with the appropriate information. I ran the load script and got an error. I sent email to's tech support. I waited for a reply. I was told that it would have to be sent to the next level. I never got any response back. So, I continued to hack away at my mt.cfg file. I was never able to get Movable Type working on using Mysql. I was able to get it running using the db files though. I don't get comments emailed to me because is blocking or doesn't allow the software access to sendmail.

I've noticed since my site has been hosted at that there have been times that I've not been able to load my site. claims that there are no issues. The issue can't be duplicated. It's all adding up to a dissatisfied customer. I'm going to look elsewhere for my hosting needs. isn't for me it seems.

Posted by Joe at September 30, 2003 9:24 AM

I'm having problems with GoDaddy as well. There seems to be something wrong with their MySQL database server. Their server is so slow that it would time out after 30 seconds.

Posted by: Steve at July 27, 2004 1:33 PM
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