October 1, 2003

October is here

October is here. The count down to Halloween can officially begin. It began a couple months ago when the stores first put out the costumes and decorations. I made the mistake of mentioning it at the dinner table. Our boy has been asking ever since if next week is Halloween. He's so excited. It's a shame it's only one night. All that build up for a candy rush. I'm sure he's looking forward to running the neighborhood with reckless abandon. Going door to door, having people hand over that sugary goodness. Being able to wear one of those costumes with the plastic masks that makes your face sweat. The cheap rubber band that always seems to end up broken. Oh how I loved those days. Maybe it wasn't a mistake to mention Halloween so long ago. I think I'm as excited as the children. I just wanted some others to share the excitement.

Posted by Joe at October 1, 2003 9:01 AM

Exciting, yes!! Makes me want to tag along!

Posted by: Nancy at October 1, 2003 9:38 AM
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