May 3, 2004

Weekends are short

We didn't get to the movies over the weekend like I had wanted. The weekends are just too short. We were busy doing other things. We did some planning and pricing on putting in a patio in our back yard. At first we thought about having a concrete patio poured. We got a price quote and it didn't seem all that unreasonable at first. But, after thinking about it for a few days we've decided that we'd be better off doing the work ourselves. and instead of doing the decorative concrete we're going to do some brick pavers.

We went to a local hardware store that has a computer kiosk with a touch screen that you can design your patio. You would think that would be the easy part. They have multiple kiosks. The first one we used had some issues with its touch screen. It kept pricing all the different variations at the same price. So we switched to another kiosk and found that it suffered from the same touch screen disorder but it's pricing was much better. We're going to the library this Wednesday and I plan on getting some books on installing a patio so we can get the ball rolling. There's been a Memorial Day deadline set on this do-it-yourself project of ours.

Posted by Joe at May 3, 2004 10:20 AM
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