October 28, 2004

Pumpkin Time

It's pumpkin time again. In years past we have tried to go to some of the local pumpkin patches around town. We enjoy having the family outing and the tradition of it all. It's just that the local pumpkin patches seem to be raking people like us over the coals. One local grower has gone to charging people to park. Then they charge you to ride on the wagon out to the patch. You then have to pay per pound for your pumpkin. You'll spend close to a hundred bucks just getting four pumpkins. No thanks.

This year we decided to skip the whole pumpkin patch and just buy some pumpkins that have already been picked. We decided to go to a farm market, it's a store called Farm Market. It's not like they have local farmers hawking their wares in stalls around the square or anything like that. It's marketing. It's a store. Well, they were wanting 29 cents a pound for pumpkins. They had quite the selection. My guess is that they had such a huge selection because people like use decided to drive down the street to Target and buy an equally sized gourd for $2.99.

We took our four pumpkins home and spend the evening preparing them. We spread out a drop cloth on the kitchen floor. Past out instruments of destruction to everyone and dived in to the orange globes. Everyone lopped the tops off and went elbow deep in to the goo. After all the innards were removed the seeds were sorted and laid out to dry for roasting. Tonight we will apply our designs to them and cut out the faces that we want to have on them. We ran out of time due to the children's bed times. I think it will be nice that pumpkin carving gets to be two nights this year and not just one like years past. Halloween is only a few days away. I'll get some pictures of our work posted soon.

Posted by Joe at October 28, 2004 12:11 PM
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