September 21, 2006

New Camera - update

Man what a debacle this is turning out to be. The seller initially wouldn't accept my paypal payment because I was using a credit card and paypal charges the seller a fee to accept credit card payments. I don't see where that's my problem. That finally got resolved though.

I had to send several messages asking for the tracking number on the package. When I finally got the tracking number it was wrong. All signs are pointing to me getting screwed in this deal so far. I finally get the correct tracking number the night that the package ends up on my doorstep.

What's inside the box? Well, it has most everything. Just no battery, or compact flash card. I wouldn't mind so much about the compact flash card but it was listed as part of the auction so I was expecting it to be there. You know, something like getting what you paid for or what was advertised. But, no battery? How the hell are you suppose to use a digital camera with no battery? Beats the hell out of me.

So, I've sent a couple more messages to the seller indicating that there were missing items. I'm still waiting for a reply. My next step will be to work the issue through paypal for resolution.


Posted by Joe at September 21, 2006 7:34 PM
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