November 20, 2006

Santa's Mailbox


I know it's early. It's not even Thanksgiving yet. The stores have had their Christmas stuff on the shelves since mid October. They seem to be ready for everyone to skip over Halloween and Thanksgiving and get right in to the buying mode. This weekend we took our kids downtown so they could mail their letters to Santa. There is a special mailbox on the circle for letters to Santa. If the letters have a return address on them the children are suppose to get a letter back from the big man himself or maybe one of his staff. We'll have to wait and see.

It was a fun trip downtown. After we mailed our letters we stopped in the Starbucks right across the street and everyone got a warm beverage. We walked around the circle a bit more before heading back to the car. Back home we got out all of our Christmas decorations and began decking our halls. It sure is fun putting all that stuff up together and seeing all the decorations that we've accumulated over the years together. It's fun building memories.

Posted by Joe at November 20, 2006 8:45 AM
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