November 25, 2006

F8 and be there.


F8 and be there is the response to many questions that I remember reading on the website People would ask questions about how to know what aperture to use for different light levels and film speed and the response often times would be F8 & be there.

That's how this picture turned out. I was in a Starbucks coffee downtown Indianapolis and I noticed this gentleman sitting on the padded seat along the window. He was wearing a nice sport coat and a hat quietly reading a small book. It was a great photo opportunity and I had the Canon S400 that I had bought off of eBay with me. It's a point and shoot and does a decent job most of the time. I'm sure it would do a decent job all of the time if I were to ensure that the proper settings were configured.

This time I just wanted to grab the shot and hope for the best. I didn't know how long he would be sitting there so I clicked off a picture. When I got home and loaded the images on my PC I was rather disappointed in my final image. Not using a flash and not adjusting the ISO in the camera left me with a blurry image.

I used photoshop to sepia tone the image and to re-size for my website. It's not going to win any awards and that's what F8 and be there is suppose to mean. Some times you have to just take the picture and hope for the best. To me the point is that you were there and experienced the situation. If you spend too much time messing with the dials and buttons on your camera then you'll most likely miss the action and miss the shot.

You don't see men wearing sport coats and hats these days. At least, when you do see they are generally men from a different generation. This man made for a great picture and even though what I captured didn't turn out that great I still feel as though I caught the image with my eye.

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Posted by Joe at November 25, 2006 9:46 AM
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