January 11, 2009

German Meat Market

This weekend we made a trip to Claus' German Sausage & Meat Market on the south side of Indianapolis. I had always heard of Klemm's Meat market on South street but I was told that the place had moved down to Shelby street. It turns out that it is still in the Klemm's family but the name of the place was changed. There is bit of history on their website that talks about the name change.

When we walked in we were greeted by a friendly woman behind the counter. She asked us if we already knew what we wanted or if we needed a few minutes to look around. We asked for a few minutes. She took the opportunity to offer our son if he liked beef jerkey. He said that he did and was presented with a gift which came with the message from the sales woman, "You don't have to share it either."

As we strolled back and fourth in front of the display case filled with their home made meats more and more people came in to do some shopping. We ended up buying some sausages and some lunch meat as well as some more of those strips of beef jerky for the long ride home. Every thing we bought turned out being probably the best quality meat products that I've experienced. We will definitely be going back to Claus' on a regular basis even though it's across town from us.

Posted by Joe at January 11, 2009 2:46 PM
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