October 31, 2003

Happy Halloween

It's finally here. The day we've been waiting for, Halloween. Tonight we get to wander the neighborhood with the kids searching for Tricks or Treats. We have a little Skeleton and a Cheeta Girl this year. They are both very excited. It's going to be so much fun.

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October 27, 2003


I've been planning on writing about my latest Internet purchase. Some of you might remember my ordeal with selling stuff on Amazon.com. It worked out in the end but here's my latest find.

If you go to Overstock.com you will be presented with a pop up window asking for your name. If you fill out this information they will give you $5 off your first order over $10. Not a bad deal if you ask me. I figured I'd give them a try expecting to find outragous shipping costs. Nope. They will ship a media type item for $1.40.

I did some browsing and found a new book, Quicksilver, by Neal Stephenson. This book was recommeneded to me by a friend at work. He told me it's getting rave reviews and all the slashdot geeks are talking about the book. I wanted to check it out. I placed the book in my shopping cart and proceeded to checkout. There was my five dollars off right above the $1.40 for shipping. What a deal. I was able to buy a brand new book for $11.07 what would have cost me $27.95 a the local book store.

Now I'm just waiting for my new book to arrive. I've been following it using the tracking system on the USPS website. I placed my order on October 17th. The book shipped out on the 20th. Pretty speedy. Now it's in the hands of the postal service. The book was picked up in Momence, IL. It then traveled to Forest Park, IL. From there it's gone to Cincinnati, OH. What? It went past me. I'm near Indianapolis. The book went through, or over Indiana to get from Illinois to Ohio. I'm still waiting for the book to be delivered. I wonder if it's going to hit any other states before landing on my door step. I wish I could get stickers on the outside of the package like you use to see on old steamer trunks.

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October 22, 2003


Looking for some Photoshop tutorials? Check out Good-Tutorials.com. I found the link over at kadyellebee.

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October 21, 2003

Do you use Movabletype?

Follow the bouncing ball, connect the dots, or what a web we weave. All of these are fitting titles to the story of how I found the article written by Matt Haughey, called Beyond the Blog. I saw it while reading John's Jottings. Both sites seem to have some great Movabletype information. I highly recommend that you read Beyond the Blog if you're interested in customizing your Movabletype system. This article helped give me a better understanding of how the pieces go together. I'm eager to start making things look a little more personal. I ran through his tutorial on making a static about page using Movabletype. Pretty neat stuff...

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The Cabin

Here are some pictures of where we stayed in the Smokies. These were taken by Erin.

Photo taken with a Nikon N80, 28-105, Fuji NPH 400 speed film. Taken by Erin

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Photo taken with a Nikon N80, 28-105, Fuji NPH 400 speed film. Taken by Erin

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Photo taken with a Nikon N80, 28-105, Fuji NPH 400 speed film. Taken by Erin

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Photo taken with a Nikon N80, 28-105, Fuji NPH 400 speed film. Taken by Erin

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Photo taken with a Nikon N80, 28-105, Fuji NPH 400 speed film. Taken by Erin

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Photo taken with a Nikon N80, 28-105, Fuji NPH 400 speed film. Taken by Erin

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Photo taken with a Nikon N80, 28-105, Fuji NPH 400 speed film. Taken by Erin

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October 18, 2003

Printing Digital Images

Have you ever tried to print an picture using the Windows XP printing wizard? It's nice if everthing goes as planned. That wasn't the case today. I tried to print out a 5x7 and every time I'd run through the wizard it'd crop the image. Who said I wanted the image cropped? How do I print an image without it being cropped? Grrr. I thought a wizard was suppose to make things easier. Where's the don't crop this image button? It's not there. I tried adding some blank space to the top and bottom of the image in photoshop hoping that it would crop the image the way I wanted it to be printed. No luck with that either. I messed with it for a while. I got the image to print finally but I don't know if I just got lucky. I really need to learn more about this digital imaging stuff. I'd be interested in links, books, how-to's, etc. Any help would be appreciated.

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Fall Colors

Photo taken with a Nikon N80, 28-105, Fuji NPH 400 speed film.

Here's an image of some trees with some clouds hanging low. This was taken early in the morning before the sun could warm its way though the clouds.

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October 17, 2003


Photo Taken with a Minolta-X700, 50mm, Kodak B&W+ Film.

It's kind of odd to be out taking pictures in B&W when the autumn colors are staring at you. But, if you never try you'll never now what you might get. I shot this roll of B&W wanting to see what I'd get. I like it.

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Photo taken with a Minolta X-700, 50mm, Kodak B&W+ film.

I thought that this lamp might make a nice B&W photo. I did some work in photoshop with it to get this look. I just can't seem to get the look or feel that I want out of the c-41 B&W. This is close though. I'll just have to keep working at it I suppose.

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Friday 5

1. Name five things in your refrigerator. Ketchup, Mustard, Mayo, Left-overs, Olives
2. Name five things in your freezer. Tater Tots, Pizza, Ground Turkey, Ice, Salmon
3. Name five things under your kitchen sink. The boogie man, Pledge, Electrosol, Windex, Swiffer refills
4. Name five things around your computer. Dust, Dead Spiders, Shoes, Pictures, Other computers
5. Name five things in your medicine cabinet. Asprin, Vitamins, Contact solution, Cough medicine, Allergy medicine

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October 16, 2003

Props to Truck808

Photo taken with a Nikon N80, 28-105, Fuji NPH 400 speed film. Photo Taken by Erin.

I thought it'd be nice to send a shout out to Rob at Truck 808. This image is in his style. I hope he approves.

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Adult World

Photo taken with a Nikon N80, 28-105, Kodak Gold 100 speed film. Photo taken by Erin.

Lonely trucker mecca along side the highway in Tennessee. You can see that they have the word arcade on the windows. I wonder what kind of fun games they have in there.

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October 15, 2003


Photo Taken with a Nikon N80, 25-105, Fuji NPH 400 speed film. Photo taken by Erin.

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October 14, 2003


Here are a few shots that I took to finish out a roll when we got home from Gatlinburg. Notice the blue sky in a few of the pictures. It looks like I had a polarizer on the lens but I didn't. I just love the deep blue sky that you get when taking pictures in the fall. oh, Here's the link to the images.

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Action Photo

Photo taken with a Nikon N80, 28-105, Fuji NPH 400 speed film. Taken by Erin.

I figured I'd start off this new series of photos with one of myself. After all it is my website. This is an action photo of me taken by Erin during our trip to Gatlinburg, TN. I was taking a picture of her and she decide to do the same.

I didn't crop the image at all. I liked the look of some of the negative showing in the image. It's not wall art but the colors are nice. I remember now why I had a bag full of Fuji NPH film. The stuff really captures some good colors.

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October 13, 2003


I need to do some film scanning. We shot a few rolls this past weekend and there are a few pictures that I'd like to get posted for everyone to see. Erin and I took a trip down to Gatlinburg, TN. We were hoping to see some brilliant fall colors. We saw some colors but the reports from the locals were that the trees would peak this next weekend. We were a little early it seems. Oh well. That's fine with us. We had enough. I think we have enough memories caught on film to remember this trip. Hopefully I'll get some scanned and start posting them tomorrow.

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Friday 5

1. Do you watch sports? If so, which ones? I like to watch football.
2. What/who are your favorite sports teams and/or favorite athletes? The Indianapolis Colts & The New Orleans Saints
3. Are there any sports you hate? No, not really.
4. Have you ever been to a sports event? I've been to baseball, hockey, football, tennis and golf events.
5. Do/did you play any sports (in school or other)? How long did you play? I was in wrestling my Freshman year of High School

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October 8, 2003

Fall colors

The trees are starting to change colors. It's getting close to the time to get out and take some pictures of the fall foliage. I wonder if it'd be possible to do some sort of photo, camera, or film exchange with people in different parts of the country to see Autumn through their eyes. I know here in Indiana it's pretty flat and I have to drive for a while to see any decent amount of hills. I'm sure there are some people that live in some georgous places and really enjoy taking pictures this time of year. Just an idea. I have a friend that lives in Missouri that might be interested in swapping some photos. We'll see. What do you think?

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Photo taken with a Nikon N80, 28-105 Lens, Kodak Gold 100 Speed Film.

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October 7, 2003

Pumpkin Patch

Photo taken with a Nikon N80, 28-105 Lens, Kodak Gold 100 Speed Film.

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October 6, 2003

Pumpkin Patch Update

We took the children out to a Pumpkin Patch - Harvest Festival this past Saturday. What a racket that turned out to be. They hit us up for $5.00 to get in and park. We walked around and looked at some things. The kids got some balloons. When we walked out to get on the tractor that takes people out to the pumpkin patch we noticed the sign that read, "$2.00 per person." Two dollars a person just to ride out to the pumpkin patch? Then they expect you to pay for the pumpkins. Geeze, what a marketing genius. Imagine going to the grocery store and having to pay to park, having to pay to use a cart to gather your groceries, and then paying to take them home. Needless to say we left that Festival.

We decided to head back to the pumpkin patch that we went to a couple years ago up in Brownsburg. It wasn't as crowded this year as the last time we were there. We did notice that they had built a new building though. They must be doing all right based on the size of this place. They told us that it cost seven dollars to partake in their fun. Erin told them that we just want to buy some pumpkins. They let us ride over to their patch to get some pumpkins without paying the entrance fee. We didn't want to feed their goats, we didn't want to wonder around in their corn maze. All we wanted to do was pick some pumpkins and go home.

When we got out in the pumpkin patch I noticed that things looked a little different than the last time we were there. This year the pumpkin patch wasn't really a pumpkin patch. It was a harvested corn field. Some one had gone out in this empty corn field and spread pumpkins out about two feet apart. No they weren't on the vine. They had already been picked. I asked one of the guys sitting up in a huge John Deer tractor if they even grow pumpkins anymore out there. He told me that their field doesn't do well at growing pumpkins so they just put those out there. You can't even go to a pumpkin patch and pick a pumpkin anymore. Our children didn't mind though. I think they were over whelmed with being in the middle of all the action. They didn't seem to care. We all got a pumpkin and headed back to pay for our loot. In a couple weeks we'll carve them up and start putting candles in them.

As for photographs. I took a couple rolls of photos. Hopefully I'll get some scanned and posted this week.

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A new website home

We were offline most of the weekend. We switched hosting providers again if you were wondering. This time I signed up with Intrelix. Their servers are located in the EV1 Data Center. That's the same hosting company that we were on before goDaddy.com. So far I'm very pleased with Intrelix's offering. The price is very reasonable, they've responded to my questions in a timely manner, and performance of my sites is what I expect. Let me know how the pages load from the standpoint of a visitor. I'd recommend Intrelix if you need a web hosting provider.

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October 3, 2003

Friday 5

1. What vehicle do you drive? Ford F-150
2. How long have you had it? 4 years
3. What is the coolest feature on your vehicle? It's got 4 doors.
4. What is the most annoying thing about your vehicle? I can't seem to get anyone to fix the breaks correctly. It's got a vibration that bugs the hell out of me.
5. If money were no object, what vehicle would you be driving right now? I'd probably have a a stable of vehicles to choose from each day.

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October 1, 2003

October is here

October is here. The count down to Halloween can officially begin. It began a couple months ago when the stores first put out the costumes and decorations. I made the mistake of mentioning it at the dinner table. Our boy has been asking ever since if next week is Halloween. He's so excited. It's a shame it's only one night. All that build up for a candy rush. I'm sure he's looking forward to running the neighborhood with reckless abandon. Going door to door, having people hand over that sugary goodness. Being able to wear one of those costumes with the plastic masks that makes your face sweat. The cheap rubber band that always seems to end up broken. Oh how I loved those days. Maybe it wasn't a mistake to mention Halloween so long ago. I think I'm as excited as the children. I just wanted some others to share the excitement.

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Savage Nation

Last night was library night. We all got some new books to read. I picked up Savage Nation by Michael Savage. He's really laying it out there and calling it as he sees it. It's enjoyable.

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