September 27, 2004


Photo taken with a Nikon D100.

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September 26, 2004


Photo taken with a Nikon D100.

We spent the day down in Paragon, Indiana at a friends house. I took my camera along and was able to take some pictures. I'll be posting some of them as the days go bye.

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September 25, 2004


Photo taken with a Nikon D100.

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Hooty Hoot Redux

Original photo taken with an Minolta x-700, 50/2.0, Walgreens 200 speed Film

When I originally posted this picture people seemed to think it would look better as a black & white photo. Since fall is here and Halloween is around the corner I thought that I might see how these look as black & white. I think they set a certain mood for the season. Tell me what you think.

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September 24, 2004


Photo taken with a Nikon D100.

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September 16, 2004


My daughter, who's in third grade, asked me to help her use the computer last night. Part of her homework was to type her spelling words on the computer and print them out. So, after dinner, the two of us sat in front of our home computer and I opened up Microsoft Word.

I let her have the drivers seat and she began typing in her First name. Then she held down the space bar to move the cursor to the right side of the screen so she could type in the date. She started typing in September one letter at a time while thinking how to spell the word and hunting for the letters on the keyboard. After she entered Sept a little bubble window appeared on the screen spelling out the word September. I saw it pop up and so did she. No need for her to work at spelling out the word now that the software had it displayed on the screen. What good is this exercise going to be if she doesn't have to spell her words. It was just going to be fun time on the computer.

I shut down Microsoft Word; opened up Wordpad and had her start over. I read her spelling words to her and she typed them. She had a great time. Spelled them all correctly and printed them out to take to school today. After we finished she told me that we should do that more often. It was a lot of fun she said.

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September 13, 2004


I like to read. My wife likes to read. My children like to be read to. They like reading, going to the library, getting books, etc. So when I found this article by Vox Day where he's talking about the illiteracy rates in Los Angeles I thought I'd share it with the people who view my site. Vox also maintains a blog of his own.

In his article he talks about the difference between being taught to read in school or being taught to read at home. Sort of the public vs. home school debate. This hits home for me because our daugther, who's now in the third grade, is needing some more support with her reading. We have purchased some materials to help her with her reading skills and we have promised her that we'll help her become a great reader. I don't think anyone should have to go through life without knowing how to read.

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September 8, 2004

Clock Tower

Photo taken with a Nikon D100.

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September 7, 2004

I'm Sick

Doesn't it figure? A three day weekend and I get sick. Sunday my throat started feeling sore. I figured it was being caused by some drainage so I took an antihistamine. That didn't help much. I didn't sleep well. On to Monday. I wasn't able to stop my nose from running. I tried some Benadrill. It was hard staying awake most of the day and as the day wore on my condition seemed to worsen. I was awake about every hour through the night. I tried sleeping on the couch. I tried sleeping in bed. Needless to say. I've stopped my nose from running and now it's all backing up inside my head. If it would just pop off I bet it would feel better. Wish me luck.

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September 4, 2004

Capitol Building

Photo taken with a Nikon D100.

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September 2, 2004


Photo taken with a Nikon D100.

It's a crop from a larger photo but I like it!

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