November 26, 2005

Turkey Day & Black Friday

We had a nice Thanksgiving again this year. I do not remember ever having a bad Thanksgiving. However, this year I decided that I would participate in Black Friday. I read all the ads in the paper and planned to hit a few stores to get some good deals. Boy was I surprised. I think I must have been duped by some retailers and some slick advertising.

I think that some of the great deals that I found in the paper were the kind of deal where they may have had one item in stock per store just so they were legal in printing their ads. I will say however that the local Fry's Electronics here in town sure did not disappoint me. I made the trek to Fry's and found the parking lot loaded with cars. People coming and going in and out of the store. Shopping carts full of merchandise.

I found a parking spot and made my way in to the store. There were plenty of good deals to be had by all. I picked up a few items. I could have spent more but my mission was to buy gifts for others not me. I made my way to the checkout line thinking that it would be long process. To my surprise they had it all worked out. There were sixty-four check-out registers. No line. No waiting. That is what I call service. I think Fry's is the Wal-Mart of Electronics. What a wonderful place.

I hope that everyone else had a wonderful Thanksgiving too.

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