January 29, 2006

Updated MovableType

I've updated the system to the latest version of MovableType. The upgrade was rather painless due to the good documentation provided. I am also in the process of updating the colors of the site. CSS is not one of my favorite things to mess with but I'll muddle through it.

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January 15, 2006


Since Christmas I have seen a lot more iPods roaming around the office. I know my friend and co-worker Dan received a nice new iPod for Christmas and he just loves it more than anything. He can't understand why he ever waited on buying one. They are just so easy to use and make the day working in an offce cube less painful.

I saw some where in the blogsphere something about hitting shuffle on your iPod and listing the first 10 songs that plays. It's suppose to show a bit about your taste in music and to those who may want to read more in to it I guess it could also tell a bit about your personality. I told Dan about this and asked him to send me his first 10 list and I sent him my list. I thought I might put my list on here for all to see. So, here it is:

  1. Private Road - Bent
  2. The big County - Talking Heads
  3. Black-Throated Wind - Grateful Dead
  4. Tourniquet - Evanescence
  5. Given the Dog a Bone - AC/DC
  6. Eye of the Beholder - John Serrie
  7. To Lay me down - Cowboy Junkies
  8. Lullaby - Creed
  9. Nightingale - Norah Jones
  10. Infrared Roses - Grateful Dead
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