March 26, 2006

Trip to the park

We took a trip to Eagle Creek park today with the Boy Scout troop. We stopped at the Nature Center there to learn about some of the types of animals that you might find in Indiana. The kids got to see a couple of snakes being fed. They all enjoyed that a lot. After the learning time at the Nature Center we all walked on some of the trails together. It was fun being out in the woods seeing the slightest bit of fresh green growth peeking out under last years fallen leaves. The forest is coming alive.

We also saw a lot of people out enjoying the park, either running or walking but out having a nice day either way. Many people had their dogs with them and we talked about bringing our dogs with us to the park someday. They would have so much new stuff to smell. The one thing that we are not good at is packing for day trips like this one.

Yet again we found ourselves out with the kids in a place where we didn't have any water with us. We didn't have any type of snack in the car. We didn't even bring a camera with us today. I think we're going to need to get a back pack that we drag along with us when we do things like this in the future. It's not fun being out and getting thirsty with nothing around you. I think the first time I decided that we ought to be carrying a back pack with us was years ago when just the two of us went to the Science & Industry Museum in Chicago. That place is huge and once you get in there you get tired and thirsty. I saw many people, smarter than us, carrying backpacks with bottles of water in them. Not only did they not have to pay the high prices in the Museum but they had refreshment with them where ever they went.

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